The Wheke – The Octopus


Celebrating the infinite wisdom –
The teachings of this book reach in to the past, present
and future of the ancient teachings of Hawaiiki.

Welcome to my world…

Come on a journey of sharing the ONENESS of the eight dimensions of my total well-being and development.

The energy that I link into for my total well-being and development, is the Octopus.
This model of learning and teaching has been transmitted from our ancient ancestors Nga Potiki and Nga Uri-A-Maui. They have always lived here in New Zealand as Peace-keepers, and intermarried with our other ancestors who came to New Zealand in the Great Fleet from the Pacific Islands approximately a thousand years ago.

Te Wheke is the octopus, a symbol from Ancient Hawaiiki, that illustrates the interdependence of all things across the universe.

Te Wheke is about peace, love, joy and truth to the universe.


An explanation of the symbol of Te Wheke is as follows:

The head represents the child/family
Each tentacle represents a dimension that requires and needs certain things to help give sustenance to the whole.
The suckers on each tentacle represent the many facets that exist within each dimension.
The tentacles move out in an infinite direction for sustenance when the octopus moves laterally.
The tentacles can also be intertwined so that there is a mergence, with no clear cut boundaries. The dimensions need to be understood in relation to each other, and within the context of the whole.

Long have the ancient teachings of Hawaiiki in traditional Maori terms been protected awaiting a time when the world would be ready.

That time is now.

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