The Wheke – The Octopus


Celebrating the infinite wisdom –
The teachings of this book reach in to the past, present
and future of the ancient teachings of Hawaiiki.

Te Wheke copyright

Please be advised that at this point in time Dr Rangimarie Rose Pere has not authorised or is authorising any teachings of Te Wheke, other than her own.
The Team at Ao Ako Global Learning

The only person who has the copyright to “Te Wheke – A Celebration Of Infinite Wisdom”, is me, the Author and Publisher, so that “Ao Ako Global Learning NZ Ltd.” my Business Cooperative, is the only Team, that has the right, to run Workshops, Higher Schools of Learning, Inservice Training etc.

I assess Medical and Educational Professionals by using the “Te Wheke Model”, and because it comes from my own unique knowledge base, I know exactly how to use it. I for one, have not been interested in any other knowledge base outside my own, so I don’t expect other people, to tap into mine.

Universities and Government Agencies who have been using and quoting this monograph for sometime, pay for the right to do so, through an agency that works on behalf of Publishers.

I am the only one that should be using my knowledge base to the fullest extent. I approach life with my eight dimensions from the Fifth Dimension, with vested authority from the Godhead and my ancestors.

I hope people will understand and appreciate where I am coming from, the copyright I have is a safe guard for me and my lineage.

Tihei Mauriora!